Resin Body Gua Sha

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With this multi-functional Face & Body gua sha tool you’ll get the face and figure of your dreams! Ergonomically designed with 8 zones, to cover 30+ face and body parts. The shape and texture in each zone on our skin care tools were carefully planned to target different areas on your face and body for maximum benefit. With this gua sha tool you can work both on big muscles and target pressure points with pinpoint accuracy. By naturally opening up the blood vessels and restoring proper circulation you will tone, smoothen and plump your skin.

DIRECTIONS: Prepare by applying your favorite face/body moisturizer or oil to the skin you are treating, so that it can work as a “slipping agent”. Following the below guide, massage each area in circular motions. Perform all actions on the same side of the body before repeating on the other side. Please adjust the massage or acupressure intensity depending on the condition of your skin, and to your own liking!