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What is Zoe Ayla ???? Why Shopping on ZOEAYLA.COM

What is Zoe Ayla ???? Why Shopping on ZOEAYLA.COM

Zoë Ayla is a modern-styled fashion brand that offers premium quality neoprene swimwear, active wear, intimates apparel & accessories as well as dresses & cover-ups. Each and every product is designed on the premises of fit, feel, functionality and of course a fantastic look while remaining affordable.

Several of our lines are made with the tremendously popular neoprene material and come in a range of catchy colours as well as tropical/floral patterns, which leads to very appealing and functional fashion items. A brand-new addition is our jacquard loom activewear line which has taken the market by storm quickly with its comfort and quality designs.

Zoë Ayla has advanced warehouses in the US and Canada, we're known for our fast and quality shipping.



Zoe Ayla has growing distribution network both online and offline through the majority of the larger retailers in North-America. We are currently also expanding into Europe, Asia and South-America.


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