Mini Wellness Set in Jade

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Relax and decompress with this Mini Wellness Set, which features all your favorite skincare go-tos! These compact, mini tools are the perfect edition to your beauty line up at home or on the go.


Pair with your favorite serum or moisturizer and glide tools across skin while massaging.

Mini Facial Roller:

Using light pressure, gently massage stiff muscles around the jaw, cheek, eye area and forehead. Use the stainless steel roller to cool and depuff, the stone roller to promote product absorption,  and the textured silicone roller to massage and stimulate the skin. 

Mini Gua Sha:

Glide long, rounded edges along forehead and cheeks in upward motions. Glide the devoted edge along jawline and temples in upward motions.

Mini Cooling Facial Globes:

Chill globes in the fridge or freezer before use. Gently roll the globes over the skin, in upward and outward motions, paying particular attention to the eye area for repuffing benefits. 


  • 2 Mini Cooling Facial Globes
  • Mini Jade Gua Sha
  • Mini Stainless Steel Roller
  • Mini Textured Silicone Facial Roller
  • Mini Jade Facial Roller